7 Warning Signs You Need to Boost Your T-levels


No longer interested in sex? Feeling tired all the time? More depressed than usual? Have you considered that it could be your testosterone levels?

You’re not alone.

Even though testosterone naturally decreases with age (starting after age 30), low t-levels are responsible for a variety of concerns and potential health problems. This includes obesity, memory loss, fatigue, and depression.

Read on for the most critical warning signs of low t-levels.

Why Are T-Levels Important?

For males, testosterone is a key hormone during puberty. The normal range falls between 300 and 800 ng/DL. An administered blood test can confirm your levels.

It can even be argued that it is the driving force in helping boys become men. Testosterone is responsible for the majority of physical and biological changes during adolescence. It is responsible for voice deepening, strength, muscle development and mass, and facial hair.

T-levels maintain a healthy sex life. They are associated with sperm production, erections, libido, and sexual excitement.

They also contribute to overall mood.

Healthy testosterone levels can keep your energy levels balanced- with can help keep your mood overall balanced.

It’s normal for testosterone to naturally decline with age, with decline often happening around 30 years old. However, abnormal lows can be alarming.

Testosterone plays a critical role in overall life satisfaction AND how long a man life. More and more, we are seeing how men with lower T-levels die younger than their higher-T counterparts.

As a result, if you are noticing one or more of the following symptoms, you owe it to your health to get it checked out!

7 Warning Signs Your T-Levels Might Be Too Low

1. Changes in Sex Drive

Finding it more difficult to have or keep an erection?

Not as interested in sex anymore?

Having trouble achieving orgasm?

Mentally wanting sex but feeling physically disinterested?

It could be a testosterone issue.

Plummeting sex drive is the most common symptom suggesting low t-levels. And, for good reason. Testosterone is the main hormone associated with libido, erections, and sex drive.

When t-levels are low, sexual desire and sexual performance can tank as well.

Many men will blame stress or relationship issues before recognizing that something bigger may be at hand.

However, we urge you (in the nicest way possible): this is not a symptom to be minimized or ignored.


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